Afghanistan: 2 people fall off US plane taking off from Kabul airport

Kabul: The situation in Afghanistan is becoming uncontrollable. There is chaos everywhere. The Kabul airport is witnessing uncontrollable  chaos as massive crowds fight for every available seat. 

Meanwhile, a shocking video has surfaced.

A video released by Afghanistan’s Aswaka news agency shows a flight taking off from the Kabul airport. After the plane takes off, two people are shown falling from the plane into the city below. This video is really astonishing.

The news agency, quoting locals, claimed that locals near the Kabul airport said that three youths were trying to hold on to the tires of a US military aircraft. But soon after take off, they fell from the aircraft on to people’s homes. 

However, Kabul airport has been closed after the incident of overcrowding and firing. No flights can now operate from Kabul airport. Sources said that Air India flights between India and Afghanistan have also been suspended. 

At least five people are reported dead after US soldiers opened fire to control the massive unruly crowd which had gathered at the Kabul airport in Afghanistan.

Sources have said that an Air India plane which was to go to Afghanistan to evacuate stranded Indians will no longer be able to land in Kabul. A NOTAM or notice to the airmen has been issued to say that Kabul airspace has been closed.

“The airspace is closed. How can any airline operate? Right now we are not able to operate our 12:30 pm flight to Kabul,” an Air India official said.

Sources said Air India flights coming from the US are likely to be re-routed as Afghan airspace has been closed.

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Air India sources said that flights AI-126 (Chicago-New Delhi) and AI-174 (San Francisco-New Delhi) traveling from the US to India will have to re-route to the Gulf countries for refueling. 

“Air India is also working on new routes for flights that will later leave for the US from India,” Air India sources said.

“There will be no commercial flights from Hamid Karzai airport to prevent looting. Please do not rush to the airport,” the Kabul airport authority reported.

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