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Afghanistan: 11 killed in blast as Taliban intensifies military campaign

Kabul: During the withdrawal of US forces in Afghanistan, the Taliban is now fighting in a planned way with the intention of capturing districts in several provinces. 

The Taliban has captured more than three districts in the last 24 hours. Taliban terrorists have laid landmines everywhere in Afghanistan. An explosion due to a landmine has killed 11 people, including three children. After capturing the Doab district in Nuristan provistan, Taliban militants have also captured Mandawal and another district.

Taliban captures three districts

A member of the Nuristan Provincial Council has confirmed the Taliban’s occupation of all three districts. Shinkai district in Zabul province has come under Taliban control. 

At least 11 people were killed in a landmine laid by the Taliban in Badgis province. All these people were traveling and were killed in a landmine blast on the road. The victims include three children. 

In Afghanistan’s capital Kabul, 27 such criminals have been caught, who were smuggling drugs and weapons under the guise of violence.

US special envoy reaching Kabul

US Special Envoy for Peace in Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad is on a visit to Kabul and Qatar as violence intensifies during the withdrawal. He may also travel to other countries in the region. According to a UN Security Council report, the Taliban are no longer willing to engage in peace talks. He remains close to al-Qaeda.

This demand being made in Pakistan

Human rights activist Amjad Ayub Mirza has demanded from the government of Pakistan that Afghan citizens living there should be given Pakistani citizenship and the right to vote.

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