Actress Sneha Wagh loses father to Covid-19, pens down an emotional quote

New Delhi: Coronavirus is taking away the people we love far away from us, many people have lost their loved ones due to this virus. Recently actress Hina Khan has lost her father. And now, another television actress Sneha Wagh has also lost her father. Sneha has given this information herself through her social media.

Sneha Wagh has shared two posts through her official Instagram account. Through these two, she has told that she is quite broken after losing her father. Sneha wrote in her post, “Dearest Papa. You brought smiles on so many faces with your warm words, to brighten up the days. You were a good patient man, with a kind heart. You taught us to be confident and strong. You showed us self-worth to chase our dreams. You time and again asked us to be loyal, be humble, be honest and be better versions of ourselves. Always a Gentleman. You Will always be our first Hero! It’s just heartbreaking that now we have to live with this void, the emptiness without you. We couldn’t say a proper goodbye! We couldn’t do much! And Now Life Will Never Be The Same Again Ever!”

Apart from this, in her next post, Sneha shared a picture of her father writing, ‘Dearest Papa 03/09/63 – – – 27/04/21.’ In the caption she told the reason behind her father’s untimely demise and wrote, “After Battling a months battle with pneumonia & covid-19, i have lost my father… shattering our hearts into a million pieces, our biggest & strongest pillar is no more. Never felt this kind of pain before. No matter what you go through in life, losing a parent doesn’t get close to anything.”

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Sneha Wagh is a popular television actress. She has worked in many serials and was recognized by the serial ‘Jyoti.’ After this, Sneha was also seen in the serial ‘Veer Ki Ardas Veera’. Sneha was last seen in ‘Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram.’

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