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Abhinav Shukla, Rubina Dilaik fight over ‘vegetable chopping’; latter calls Senior Sidharth Shukla to have some ‘stature’

Oct. 17, 2020, 3:33 p.m.

Mumbai: In the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 14, housemates and Seniors corner Abhinav and Rubina. While they want Rubina to continue chopping along with her already added responsibility – cooking, the latter wants chopping to be given as a responsibility to someone else.

Rubina tells that two people cooking and chopping for 13 people is unreasonable and not fair. She had earlier seen that for chopping there were other people to help.

Abhinav tells ‘Hum bachhe paal ne thodi aye hai yaha (we are not here to look after kids)?’ Gauahar looks shocked and tells her that she has always got a volunteer to do the chopping. She says, “Why can’t you ask for a volunteer?” Pavitra is also of the opinion that let Rubina ask for a volunteer.

Senior Sidharth yells and says he will move them from their other responsibility and will only do chopping and cooking. Rubina tells him that he is being unreasonable. Sidharth says that he is unreasonable for her. Rubina tells him, “Being a Senior, have some stature.”

Previously too, they were fighting for someone to take over chopping and targeted Nikki Tamboli. Nikki vehemently denied saying she is a confirmed contestant and like Senior she will enjoy her privileges and do no household chores.

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