AAP govt begins THIS scheme in Delhi after removing name

Ajeyo Basu

LAST UPDATED: March 24, 2021, 2:37 p.m.

New Delhi: The Delhi cabinet has decided to implement a scheme to deliver ration at doorsteps. The “Mukhyamantri Ghar Ghar Ration Yojana” was earlier banned by the central government due to its name. 

Now the name of the scheme has been removed. This proposal, approved by the Delhi government, will now be sent to the central government.

According to reports, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal held a cabinet meeting on Wednesday about how the scheme for doorstep delivery of rations in Delhi can be started despite the central government’s objection.

The scheme was to start on March 25

In the past, Arvind Kejriwal had said during a press conference that from March 25, a very revolutionary scheme in the name of ‘Mukhyamantri Ghar-Ghar Ration Yojana’ was going to be started in Delhi. 

“As we all know that the government gives cheap ration to the poor. Till now people used to get ration in shops. It takes long lines of people to get ration. Ration shops occasionally open. There is adulteration of grains coming in ration shops. Shopkeepers sometimes take more money and have various problems,” Arvind Kejriwal said.

“After discussing with a lot of people, the Delhi government found out the solution some time ago that as much wheat is made, as much flour as rice is made, packed in a sack and brought home, then there is a problem about ration distribution. It will be resolved. Due to this, it was decided to start the ‘Mukhyamantri Ghar-Ghar Ration Yojana’ in Delhi. It was to be started from March 25, but on Friday in the afternoon a letter has come to us from the Central Government that you cannot implement this ration scheme,” he added.

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Center objected to the name of the scheme

“The central government probably has a problem with the word Chief Minister. We want to say that we are not doing this to earn a name for ourselves. We are not doing this to take any credit. It has been written in the letter that the state government will get the scheme due to the Chief Minister being written. I want to clearly state that the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government is not working for any credit, all the credit to them, all my work, all my responsibility,” Arvind Kejriwal said.

“This morning I held a meeting with the authorities and asked them to change the name of the scheme. Now the scheme will not have any name. Just the ration that used to be distributed through the shops, now it will be delivered directly from door to door. We do not have to get into any name or credit. I understand that the objections of the Central Government will be overcome after this decision and the Central Government will give its approval to implement it,” he added.

“It is very important for me to remove the ration mafia and to provide ration to the people. We will accept all the conditions of the central government. Our only aim is to provide ration to the people at home. Now I hope that this will not cause any reservations to the Center. This is not a new plan. There will be no name for it, but ration will reach every household.”

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