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A PS5 made with 20kg gold? Check out Caviar’s Golden Rock Edition PS5


LAST UPDATED: Dec. 30, 2020, 6 p.m.

New Delhi (Anish Yande): The PlayStation 5 is coming in an entirely new variant, and it’s not what gamers expected. Russian firm Caviar would be launching the PS5 in a new avatar with an encasing of 20 kilograms of gold. The company, in the announcement of its upcoming lineup, revealed the golden PS5. 

Details of the Golden PS5:

Caviar is a Russian company that designs and manufactures exclusive products. The products are premium phone cases, watches, and sneakers. The company uses platinum, gold, and other precious metals to make its products. 

The golden PS5 is a part of their upcoming lineup in 2021. Caviar has named the device ‘Golden Rock’ Edition of the PS5. 

Caviar’s Golden PS5


On the company’s website, Caviar stated that the Golden Rock Playstation 5 is a ‘complex, bold and ambitious project.’ The PS5 would be assembled from eight sheets, which are cast from solid gold. Over 30 kilograms of gold would be required to assemble the device.

The weight of the console would be around 20 kilograms. The controller would of the PS5 be encased in gold as well. The DualSense controllers of the ‘Golden Rock’ Playstation 5 would be covered with crocodile leather for the comfort of the users. 

Caviar states that the DualSense controller would create ‘real tactile pleasure for the owners.’

AirPods Max and Samsung S21 by Caviar:

Caviar has also launched AirPods Max with gold inserts. AirPods Max would be encased with 750 grams of gold. Apple’s headphones would also be accented with crocodile leather. The AirPods Max would be available in black and white colors.

Reportedly, the AirPods Max cost $108,000, which is more than Rs 79 lakhs.  

The company would also be launching jewelry cases for the Samsung S21 series of phones. These phone cases would be designed from ultra-strong black PVD coating. The Samsung S21 phones, designed with the gold encasing would reportedly cost $77,230, which is around Rs 56 lakh.

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