8 out of 10 people think about someone else while romancing: Report

New Delhi: A shocking study has come to light that can sweep you off from your feet. The study was based on people involved in sex thinking about other people. Marriage dating site Ashley Madison did a study regarding this. It was found that 7 per cent of the have someone else in their mind while having romance with their partners.

58 percent people are unable to share sexual fantasies

With sex with strangers in bed 8 out of 10 (82 percent) admitted to open relationships or yearning for partner-swapping or having someone else in their mind. 4 in 10 (43 percent) said they were not satisfied with the sex they were getting with their partner. While 58 per cent felt unable to share their sexual fantasies with their partner, indicating unhappiness and unsatisfaction.

A lot goes in people’s mind while having sex

At the same time, another 63 percent said they try to be bound, enslaved, or disciplined in bed. But a whopping 94 percent simply yearn for intimacy, romance, and passion.

Psychiatrist Lucy Beresford said, ‘A lot about sex happens in the mind. As we grow up, we fantasize about being in love with people like celebs, sportsmen and develop sexually with them. So it’s no wonder that when we’re with a partner, we fantasize about someone else. But the thing to be seen will be whether these people act on their fantasies or not.

Women have THIS in their mind while having romance

In the recent study, it was revealed that during sex, women think about household chores apart from other men. They think about what things to buy from the grocery store, or about doing laundry. Some people think about the satisfaction of the partner. Was she happy or was she happy? In the study done in the past, it was revealed that during sex, women think about household chores apart from other men.

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