7 Glitches In 17 Days: Spice Jet Malfunction Incidents Call For Grave Concerns

New Delhi: Airplanes of Spice Jet have been stuck in unusual since last 17 days. Most recent events being technical malfunctions that led to its priority landings on Tuesday. Almost 7 such incident have occurred with the Spice Jet flights in the past 17 days. These are serious incidents and a cause of grave concern given the unpredictability of the outcome that these malfunctions in a mid-air flight of an airplane.

Here is the list of all the incidents that led to a priority landing of Spice Jet flights in the last 17 days:

June 19

  • A flight that departed for Delhi had to make an emergency landing in Patna. The Boeing 737-800 had to call for an emergency landing minutes after the take-off as one of its engine was hit by a bird. The aircraft at the time was carrying 185 passengers and 6 crew members.
  • Another Spice Jet flight namely, Bombardier Q400 Dash 8 experienced a pressurisation issue as it departed from Delhi. There was a difference in the optimum pressure buildup which has to be in sync with the gain in altitude. The crew on board made a decision to return back and it landed back safely in Delhi.

June 24

  • The warning light that indicates some sort of malfunction being experienced within the fuselage were lit on Q400 Spice Jet plane while it was on ‘rotation’. The flight was bound to reach Kolkata which departed from Delhi. The pilots on the flight then decided to abandon the trip. The pilots determined that the warning was originated from the baggage door at the rear end of the plane.

June 25

  • Another similar incident occurred at the Patna-Guwahati flight. The Q400 airplane had to reconsider the take-off as the warning light of the fuselage went on. The flight had to abandon its take-off at the Patna Airport where the warning light indicated a malfunction at the baggage door from the rear end of the plane.

July 2

  • A Bombardier Q400 Dash 8 airplane that departed for Jabalpur had to indulge in an emergency landing in Delhi. The reason cited for the landing as going off of the smoke alarm. A top official of the DGCA informed that the crew noticed smoke in the cabin. The smoke alarm in the restroom also went off. Following this, the airplane had be returned back to Delhi Airport. The plane was flying at an altitude of over 5000 ft.

July 5

  • A Spice Jet Boeing 737 Max airplane was when it developed a technical glitch. The flight was departed for Dubai and it took off from Delhi. The aircraft has to make an emergency landing as the crew noticed an unusual fuel reduction in one of the airplane’s fuel tanks. The crew decided to divert the flight to the nearest airport which happened to be the Karachi Airport in Pakistan.
  • Another incident in a Spice Jet aircraft occurred while it was flying to Mumbai from Kandla in Gujarat. It was reported that the windshield of the airplane cracked when the flight was in mid-air. The aircraft had to make a priority landing in Mumbai. The plane was at an altitude of 23,000 feet when the windshield’s outer pane cracked.

The DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) is carrying out an investigation in regard to all the seven incidents. Such malfunctions are not acceptable as it not just put the lives of all the people on-board in danger but also the lives of people on the ground who are completely unaware of the fact that an airplane could fall as a result of technical glitch. This may result in loss of life and property on a massive scale.

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