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6-year-old Mehak Fathima takes over the internet with cricket skills, video goes viral

New Delhi: Helmet on the head, pads tied tightly to both legs, bat in hand, the goal is fixed. The ball from the front is crossing the boundary with one great shot after another, saying that she is not a professional cricketer. She was not old enough to become a professional cricketer. But from now on, social media has started to see her as the next Jemimah Rodrigues or Smriti Mandhana.

She is only 6 years old, even more, surprising is that she is playing cricket for just the last 6 months. She has amazed the whole country by showing her playing style after just 6 months of practice. Her name is Mehak Fathima, a resident of Kozhikode, Kerala. The video of her practice has now taken social media by storm.

Cricket is actually in her blood as her father Muneer himself played cricket from an early age. He played for University of Calicut when he was just 13 years old. Mehak also plays at home with bat and ball all day. Seeing her 3-year-old brother take training from father, she interest also grew in cricket. Mehak went to her father and asked, “Are you not teaching me because I am a girl?” That is when her father realized Mehak was interested in the game as well. Seeing the way Mehek has started playing in the meantime, several cricket academies have approached her parents for admission.

She aspires to be a cricketer in the future and immensely admires Smriti Mandhana. “She watches her videos, her cricket plays, and shots and tells us she wants to become like her,” says Khadija, her mother. “We fully support her.”

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