5 Big disadvantages of having automatic cars; Check here

New Delhi: There are mainly two types of cars sold in the market – manual transmission and automatic transmission. There are many different technologies and different types of transmission types available in automatic transmission as well. In such a situation, this car is easy to drive but it also has many big disadvantages. Today we are going to tell you about 5 major disadvantages of such a car, so let’s see.


These cars are more expensive than the cars with manual transmission. Its price can vary from a few thousand to lakhs depending on the variant and technology.


The mileage of cars with automatic transmission is also less than cars with manual transmission, but they are more easy to drive.


To fix the problem in the gear of this car, you have to spend more than the fault in the manual transmission. Its servicing and maintenance cost is high.


You may feel a lack of smoothness in the transmission of these cars. However, the experience may vary depending on the different automatic transmission technology used in different vehicles. However, now a lot of smoothness is being seen in new technologies.

Driving habit

People driving manual cars have some problem in driving automatic cars and the same problem is also seen in those who drive automatic cars. In a manual car, the driver has to change gears and the automatic transmission vehicle itself adjusts this work.

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