46 Chinese planes and 4 navy boats seen around surrounding areas, says Taiwan

New Delhi: The Taiwan Defence Ministry on Sunday claimed that as many as 46 Chinese planes and 4 navy boats were spotted around the surrounding areas.

Armed with navy ships, land-based missile systems, and planes engaged in controlled air patrol, the Taiwanese army countered the activities.

“46 PLA aircraft and 4 PLAN vessels around our surrounding region were detected today (Nov. 6, 2022) until 1700(GMT+8). #ROCArmedForces have monitored the situation and responded to these activities with aircraft in CAP, naval vessels, and land-based missile systems,” the Taiwanese defence ministry tweeted.

Twenty-one of these aircraft were discovered flying over the Southwest Air defence identification zone and the eastern portion of the Taiwan Strait median line (ADIZ). The Taiwanese defence ministry has named the following aircraft: JH-7, CH-4, SU-30*2, J-11*4, J-16*8, BZK-005, Y-8 ASW*2, KJ-500, and WZ-7.

As reported practically daily by Taiwan’s defence ministry, this Chinese activity is not an unique incident.

Additionally, on Saturday, 9 People’s Liberation Army (PLA) planes and 2 of its navy vessels were spotted in the area around Taiwan. The Armed Forces of the Republic of China kept an eye on the situation and reacted to these actions.

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