21-day lockdown may produce so many sports stars – Rajyavardhan Rathore

Olympic medalist Rajyavardhan Rathore and Indian cricket staff batsman Suresh Raina engaged in a dwell Instagram chat the place they talked in regards to the ongoing 21-day lockdown because of the Coronavirus. Both of them spoke in regards to the measures being taken to fight the present state of affairs and the way it may be used positively by most people.

“We have heard and read about World War I and II, but this is like World War III. We have seen catastrophes like the plague and the Spanish flu (but) today, the advantage we have is that the whole world is connected and we can learn from each other’s mistakes.”

“Thankfully, in today’s crisis, we have a strong leader like PM Modi. He is a visionary. I have always seen him being alert, at all times” stated the Olympic medalist.

Rathore added that the nation can be hit economically however this can be a studying interval for many individuals.

“Every country will take a hit economically, but if we stay safe we will recover,” Rathore stated. “Young people might think it’s tough to stay under lockdown. (But) In these 21 days, a lot of people can learn so many different things.”

The former Sports Minister additionally stated that today can produce a number of future sports stars for the nation. “Do you use the art of visualisation?” Rathore requested Raina. “We do this a lot in shooting. In 2004, we went from Malaysia to Sydney. (We only did) dry practice (holding the gun without firing and visualising) and I went on to win the competition. These 21 days could help produce so many stars. Maybe there are many Suresh Rainas in the making”, the Olympic silver medallist stated.

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