17 killed as major fie breaks out in Pune factory

Pune: A major fire has broken out at a chemical plant in Pune, Maharashtra. Around 17 people have died due to this fire, including 15 women and two male labourers.

Expressing grief over this incident, PM Modi has announced a compensation of Rs 2 lakh for the families of those who have been killed and 50 thousand rupees for the injured. 

“People have died due to fire in a factory in Pune in Maharashtra, due to which I am sad. I express my condolences to the bereaved families,” PM Modi tweeted.

It has been told by the Fire Department that 37 employees were working in this plant at the time of the fire. 17 bodies have been recovered. The same 20 people have been evacuated from the plant.

Fire broke out during plastic packing in the factory

Giving more details about the incident, Pune’s PMRDA Chief Fire Officer Devendra Potphode said that the fire broke out during plastic packing in this factory. The smoke was so high that the workers could not be saved. 

So far 17 bodies have been recovered, in which 15 are women and 2 are men. Rescue work is still going on in the company by the fire brigade.

The name of the chemical plant in which the fire broke out is SVS Aqua technologies. The work of making sanitizer was being done in this chemical plant. A huge plume of smoke is visible from afar at the site of the incident, due to which the magnitude of the fire can be gauged. 

It is worth noting that this case is from Uravade area of Pirangut MICD of Mushali taluka, 27 km from Pune.

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