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12 Rafale to reach India very soon, China-Pakistan in tension

Ajeyo Basu

LAST UPDATED: March 28, 2021, 4:07 p.m.

New Delhi: The Indian Air Force (IAF) is going to get a big boost in the next few days. According to reports, in the next one to two days, three Rafale aircraft will reach India from France. After this, nine more Rafale aircraft are scheduled to arrive in India in mid-April.

This information has been released by Indian diplomats present in France. According to reports, these Rafale aircraft will land in Ambala. Defense experts say that after the arrival of these Rafale planes, India is sure to get a big lead on the strategic front.

The first fleet of five Rafale aircraft from French company Dassault Aviation arrived in India on July 28 last year. 

Earlier in the month of February, Defense Minister Rajnath Singh while answering a question in Rajya Sabha said, “I want to inform that by now 11 Rafale aircraft have reached India and a total of 17 aircraft will be on Indian soil by the month of March. I also want to inform that by April 2022, the entire fleet of Rafale will reach India.”

Characteristics of Rafale 

Rafale is a fourth-generation fighter jet. The aircraft is capable of carrying out ground support, depth strike and anti-ship attacks. The Rafale fighter aircraft is capable of carrying nuclear weapons as well. 

The Rafale aircraft is capable of lifting 9500 kg. It can fly with a maximum weight of 24500 kg. The maximum speed of this fighter jet is 1389 km/h. This jet can travel up to 3700 km at a time. It is equipped with air-to-air and ground-attack missiles.

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On September 23, 2016, the NDA government signed a deal of Rs 59,000 crore with French aerospace company Dassault Aviation to buy 36 Rafale fighter aircraft.

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